Friday, April 08, 2005

Introducing.... Mr. Chick!

My lovely husband has been busting his ass lately with the rush to graduation and all that entails. Plus, did I mention, he also works two (2!) part-time jobs in addition to all of his law school stuff?? Yet he never fails to impress and amaze me with how he continues to make me feel special and valued in the midst of everything. He's a helluva dad and adores the kids, and they, in turn, love him to pieces. We recently had a date night, which HE initiated AND arranged for the sitters. So I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy when I think of him today and thought you he should be properly introduced. These pictures span about 3 yrs., but to me, he's ageless. (and tell me if you don't think he resembles Joey from Friends just a little bit!) Don't let the name fool you - he's ALL (my) man!

Mr. Chick & MP (my hair length keeps changing....)
I'm 16 wks pregnant with Lauren in the first pic. He and I are actually the exact same height. These pics are misleading..... a lot depends on which shoes I'm wearing.

Mr. Chick the HOTTIE

Mr. Chick & the kids - he's a wonderful dad! Nicholas is about 2 yrs old in the first one and he looks a LOT like his dad. He's only 6 mos old in the next one. Mr. Chick is holding baby Lauren in the last one when she was only 8 mos old (last summer)
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Nice blog. Here are mine:

Have a nice day!
He's like an even cuter version of Joey! :)
I agree with Kate! He looks like Joey, only even cuter! :) You look great too!
I agree with Kate and Kelly. You have a very nice family
Sweet family, MP!
He looks like Joey-- but like the others said-- a better version.
What a Wonderful husband. To arrange a sitter and everything. Lucky Lucky Lucky girl you are. ;)
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