Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I'm off to a great start this morning (NOT!). Lauren was up several times last night fussing for whatever reason. So I overslept a bit (7:35am). I had to wake Nicholas up in a rush to get him ready for preschool (starts at 7:30am). Lauren was underfoot. Mr. Chick was still trying to sleep (fool!) having had a shitty night of sleep himself. It's crunch time for him and he's under a lot of pressure. Lots to do, still, before graduation. So I realize in about 10 seconds time that I'm not going to have enough time to swim this morning. You see, the pool closes for lap swimming at 8:30am. So if I'm not in the water by 8am at the latest I don't have enough time to get a decent swim in and make it worth my while. And with it being past 7:30 already that's not going to happen. So I downshift and put on running clothes instead. I rush Nick into his clothes, making enough noise to wake Mr. Chick, who then stumbles into the living room and puts in a Baby Einstein video for Lauren and lays down on the couch. I get Nick to school and go for a quick run (I don't know - just under 3 miles?) and drive home all sweaty. Ick. Usually I shower and get ready at the pool after my swim, but I figured it would be better to save time and do that at home this morning in order to relieve Mr. Chick and let him get rolling with his day. I should have known better.

So I get home and am hit with the hideous aroma of barf the second I walk in the door. You know that smell. The stench - ! Mr. Chick is changing Lauren in the kids bedroom because she randomly puked at breakfast, I'm told. No warning, just sat there and hurled. I finished getting her dressed and then jumped in the shower myself. She seems fine - no fever, not overly cranky. I get laundry started and Mr. Chick and I scarf down some breakfast ourselves. He leaves for school. I won't see him until really late tonight because Tuesday is his late night - late class, late studying. I'm on my own for the rest of the waking hours of the day & evening. Well, my coffee kicks in and I'm in the bathroom. Lauren joins me in there (so much for privacy!) when she suddenly unleashes torrents of barf. Again. Only a LOT. And it REEKS. Gross. I'm sitting there just watching this happen. She's not crying - just puking. And OF COURSE she's wearing the brand new shin guards we bought for Nicholas last night for his Tot Soccer, which starts on Thursday. And OF COURSE the vomit gets on them. Nice. So I strip her down and clean her up and put her in her 2nd outfit of the day (all before 9:30am). Then I have to go and clean up the LAKE of puke in the bathroom. The only bright spot is that I had recently removed the bathmat because Nicholas's aim wasn't so good and he peed on it. Gotta love all the bodily functions you deal with once you're a mom.

So now I'm totally housebound today. So much for taking Lauren to toddler storytime at the library. I don't know what kind of bug she might have but I don't want to be the one to spread it around. Like I said, no fever, no other symptoms beyond a slightly runny nose. So this is my life today, people. Barfing Baby duty and lots and lots of laundry. You wish you were me, don't you?! Admit it.

I hope she gets well soon, for her and ALL of you! I had the same kind of day, only without sickness..... I am counting my blessings today.
Oh man, I hope Lauren is better soon. I hate barf. I gag cleaning it up.
Oh my! What a yucky start to your day. Sorry Lauren is ill, MP. I remember those days too well.

Hoping Lauren is on the mend, and as soon as possible for your sake!
OK -- the way that day started, really, where else could it go. First of all it is just WRONG that preschool starts at 7:30. That's just not right. And the mountains of puke. Seriously -- I could smell it. Must be the pregnancy hormones. I sure hope she's feeling better and it was just random puking. And that Nicholas doesn't get it. Or you. Or Mr. Chick.


Yeah, 7:30am IS early for preschool to start but the preschool is affiliated with the university and is therefore set up to accomodate early classes. The have pre-set schedules and the morning schedule begins at 7:30. So I'm paying for all 5 hrs whether he's there or not, so I get him there! Plus, they feed him both breakfast and lunch so it's only a matter of getting his butt dressed in the morning. I don't have to get him fed as well. AND, the best part, is my husband can stay home with Lauren as I take Nicholas to school which then allows me the time to workout (swim, usually) those two days per week at the university. It's actually a really nice schedule. But you're right: 7:30 is early *yawn*
I was you one week ago today and it was awful! I feel for you, I really do. The one consolation is that kids generally get over this stuff fast. I bet by tomorrow or Thursday she'll be her old self again.
Ick! I hope that Lauren feels better soon!!!
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