Thursday, April 14, 2005

Baby Chick the Soccer Star

Today was the first day of my son's organized athletic career. Tot Soccer for 3 year olds started today. Mr. Chick is a big soccer nut - he's played the game his whole life, has coached kids for years, grew up on a soccer field, essentially. He was a big stud varsity star in high school - the glory days, if you will, so he's been waiting for the day when his son would take his first steps into the world of soccer. And today was that day. I was nervous about it, I admit. Nicholas tends to be dramatic and I was fearful that he wouldn't do something "right" and meltdown. Or walk away and pout, as he's prone to do. Some other kid would get to the ball first and it would be all over. But my worries were for naught - none of that happened (thank God!) and his first experience on a soccer team was a positive one. I was so proud of him! He listened well, participated eagerly, tried hard, and performed well. I can honestly say that he seemed to have the best skills of the small group he was part of. I guess all those hours his dad has worked with him paid off: he could kick the ball relatively straight. He could dribble it across the field, and he ran very fast (relatively speaking). I think it helps that he's an "old" 3 (meaning, he's pushing 4 whereas some of these kids are recent 3's), and I think the structure of preschool has helped, too. Anyway, like a proud parent, I had my camera in hand to capture this event:

Nicholas hustling after the ball

Where are his knees? Notice how his socks meet the hem of his shorts. Not a speck of flesh on his legs to be seen. All the kids looked like this.

Nicholas listening well to his freaky teenaged coach. They were nice, but sort of scary looking. One dude had a lot of metal on his clothes and strangely dyed hair. And was so skinny I could have snapped him in half with my bare hands. The other dude was round (you can see his back in this photo). He had long, strange hair, too. Together they were like Jack Sprat and his wife.

Nicholas, the stud of Tot Soccer! He was hoping for a green shirt but happily settled for the purple. I'm so proud of my boy! Posted by Hello

Love it! Nicholas looks so cute in his soccer getup.

I was rolling over your description of the 'coaches.' Some pretty hilarious visuals I got.
How exciting. He looks like he had a great time. Very cute.
How fun and GREAT! I cant wait for my boys to get into sports! :):)
What sweet pictuers. I just LOVE going to the kids sporting events. It is so much fun to watch thier skills improve over time. I can't wait to hear more reports about how well Nicholas is doing.
I is so nice to have the dads involved. Joe is very involved in Jt's baseball and you can tell that J.T. is so proud his dad is there all the time.
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