Tuesday, April 26, 2005

American Idol

I have been a fan of American Idol since near the end of the first season. Mr. Chick could care less about the show, but Nicholas enjoys watching it with me (awww - what a Rockwell moment: mother and son watching reality tv together. I embarrass myself). I saw the finale between Kelly Clarkson and Justin whatshisname and thought he was such a geek that I hoped Kelly would win. Thank God she did. Justin has mercifully faded into obscurity. I firmly believe that Kelly is the best Idol to date. I really liked Kimberly Locke from the 2nd season and felt she got jacked when she only took 3rd. She should have won, IMHO. Ruben just never did it for me. And you know you're in trouble when you start doing guest appearances on crap sitcoms. Clay was ok, but I got tired of his act. And it WAS an act - don't let the Opie Taylor personality fool you. Fantasia rocked in season 3, but I still prefer Kelly of all the past winners. Which brings me the current season.

My prediction: Vonzell will win. Make a note. She's kicking ass week after week. Her vocals are amazing - she can hold her own with the likes of Celine and Whitney. And she's beautiful. Plus you can tell that she really has fun and enjoys herself when she's singing.

I really like Carrie Underwood as well, but I think she's going to get stuck in the country corner and that will end up biting her in the butt. She's gorgeous and reminds me of Faith Hill, and damn! the girl can sing! But I don't think that will take her all the way to the top spot. She should be in the top 3, but it'll be close between Carrie and Anthony for the 3rd spot.

Bo Bice is also a contender. Some weeks I really like him, and others I want his ass to go home. I hate his hair. Some stylist needs to give him some lessons. I know he's a rocker and all, but please - ! Tame the mane, millions are watching. What I like about Bo is that he sort of gives off a "I could give a fuck if you like me or not" vibe. He's himself from start to finish. I think he'll be 2nd.

Constantine is losing his appeal. All the weirdly intense, forced gazing into the camera - ew. It was cool the first couple of times because it seemed natural and just what he did. But then it was commented on and now it's his "thing", and needs to go. He gives me the impression that he would have B.O.

Anthony Fedorov is surprising me for two reasons: 1) he's lasted this long, because I thought he should have gone weeks ago, and 2) that I'm starting to like him more and more. He doesn't stand out like Vonzell or Bo, but he sounds pretty good and he's hanging in there. I'm betting, against my better judgement, that he will be 3rd overall. Vonzell will win, Bo will take 2nd, and then Anthony (or Carrie. I'm hoping Carrie lasts longer than Anthony but sadly predict he'll outlast her).

Scotty "The Body" Savol (who gave that ridiculous moniker?? The Body? - puhleese!) He should NOT have lasted this long. Period. He will be the next to go. He's soooo not someone I would listen to, and Lord knows I don't like looking at him, either! Sorry Scotty, you ain't no hottie. Plus, I can't get behind someone with a rap sheet like his.

Is anyone else getting real damn tired of Paula other than me? I'm sick of her shtick. Really, I think she's on meds of some kind. Or needs to be. More and more she's just parroting what Randy says and then completely disagrees with Simon - no matter what - and constantly talks over him. Like SHE could get HIM to shut up or something. Yeah, nice try. She acts all indignant that he might have something critical or opinionated to say about a performance. Or dare to offer an insight beyond "song selection". Yeah, Paula needs to get laid or something.

So anyway, that's my take. We'll see how close I come in the next few weeks. Want to know what's funny about me being all into AI? I don't vote - never have, never will, and yet seem to care about who stays and who goes. Plus, to me, it's like the people who DO vote (all the untold millions - they should do presidential elections this way, I swear), are like my 3 yr. old who literally talks back to the television shows when they ask him to (Dora: "saaaayyyy map!" "MAP!" he gleefully shouts). Kids are such suckers. So it's like I watch, I admit I watch, I'm concerned about the outcome, but if someone were to tell me they voted for so-and-so, say, while we're at the park with the kids or something, I would probably secretly think they needed to get a life. There are degrees of AI fandom. Different levels of participation. I am strictly an observer and wouldn't dare venture into the realm of "voter". I question "those people". They have to be primarily in the under 30 crowd (or related to or neighbors of a contestant) and really into text messaging, don't you think? Or do you think that bored SAHM's who watch too much tv at night are the ones voting their asses off and just not owning up to it? I don't know one person who has ever admitted to voting. Maybe they DO but, like me, could never bring themselves to admit to it.

Well, whoever is doing the voting, please vote for Vonzell and please DON'T vote for Scott. He needs to GO.

I agree - Vonzell is great. Scott creeps me out, as does Constantine ever since he wore all that eyeliner and makeup in the most recent show here in Oz. We're probably weeks behind you guys (Anwar just got the boot). We get to see the performance show and results show in one hit on a Friday nite. I think Bo will win, Vonzell 2nd, Carrie 3rd. You guys will know before I do!
I LOVE Vonzell, she is my fave as well followed by Bo! I didnt like him in the beginning but he is growing on me! I like Carrie and Anthony but can't stand Constantine and Scott! One of them better be gone by tonight!
I love Vonzell but my favorite is probably Bo just because he doesn't "fit" the AI mold.

As for Carrie I can't stand her. Sure she can sing but I'm tired of HER act...Miss sweet and innocent farm girl. She can only play that card so long before I want to boot her in the ass.

Scott....I think he's going home tonight, which almost scares me because he looks like the type that would go BALISTIC during the vote off. Eeek!

Paula...yes. Sick of her and wished she'd just shut the F up!!!!!
I think Bo will win, Carrie second then Vonzell. I am a sucker for rocker guys. But not fake creepy hygiene challenged rocker guys liek Constantine. It's not his voice that I dislike, it's him. Vonzell probably has the best voice but she leaves me cold for some reason.

Anthony gets better every week -- when I first saw it I laughed at him. But still. And Scott? Why is he still there?

I vote very time on Canadian Idol:) We're not allowed to vote for the Yankie version.

My choices have changed over the past few weeks. I really am starting to think Vonzell is going to get it. She has not stood out as much as the others and is starting to creep up on them with her talents. I think that is what is going to make her. I really really liked Anwar, but that is the way it goes. Carrie is great too, but I think you are right, country is her gig. Mackenzie also loves the show. We have met Kelly and she is a wonderful girl. Mackenzie just loves her. We have a family tie to the show and that is what started our addiction. My BIL is the hairstylist to the Idols.
Delurking to say that once, in a fit of exuberance, I voted for Fantasia using my husband's cell phone. For the rest of the season he received regular text messages from AI. Hee, hee.

Love your blog. Patricia
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