Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wedding Pics

As if you didn't already know, I think pictures tell stories much better than words ever could. I just received some quickies from my mother from the wedding. Now you can all have a visual from the day and the stories behind it.

You can see that we bridesmaids wore sheer scarfs/wraps with our dresses. These were gifts from the bride. They had beads that sparkled and matched the beading on the bodice of our dresses. It looked really nice and hid any flab that *some* of us have on our arms . Nothing worse that fat arms in a spaghetti-strap dress! What you can't see are the earrings we were given as well. They were black and didn't really show up against our dark hair. Oh well. Aren't the flowers gorgeous??! The dude in the back over my shoulder is my new brother-in-law, Marc. Handsome guy. :)

The Chick Sisters. From L-R: MP, Maureen, Carrie (bride!), and Katie. See? Looking pretty decent in the dress but wish my posture was better - UG! And suddenly, now that I've reached my mid-30's, my forearms look like they belong to an old lady! What happened there?

The Wedding Party. Don't we look like we should be posing for a magazine spread or something? The boy on the right is my oldest nephew, Patrick. He'll be 7 in July. He took his job as ringbearer VERY seriously.

Mr. Chick holding a sleeping Lauren during the ceremony. Everyone saw them and thought they were adorable. She was OUT. Like arm hanging out and flailing willy-nilly out. At least she was quiet during the ceremony. Too bad you can't see her pretty dress with her all wrapped up in her blankie. Doesn't Mr. Chick look hot in a suit? I've always thought so. The dude behind him was the singer for the parts of Mass that required a vocalist. I guess he went to school with one of my sisters and my mom works with his mom or something. Whatever - he was good. Posted by Hello

You all look wonderful! Everyone looks so glam. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful wedding pics, MP -- you all look gorgeous! And, your forearms look perfect (as does the rest of you in the pics).
Love the pics!!! Keep them coming!
Beauteeeful!! I love the pictures. Looks like your sister had a very nice wedding. You look great.
MP, you and your sisters look absolutely stunning!

I have to ask 'cause I'm dying to know... did the Fuck-Me pumps turn out to *really* be Fuck-Me pumps??
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