Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Birth of a Mother

I became a mother in my own right the day my first child, son Nicholas, was born. That was nearly 4 years ago. I became a mother again when my 2nd child, daughter Lauren, was born. That was 18 months ago today. (TODAY! Wow...) My world forever shifted and changed with those two momentous events. I will never be the same. Nor would I want to me. I like how motherhood has changed me. I'm a better person because I'm a mother. So for that, I thank my husband for giving me such wonderful kids, and I thank my children for coming into my life. And I thank my own mother, for everything she did, does, and continues to do. She set an excellent example, and she set the bar high. I strive to emulate her mothering, because I think she did a damn fine job in raising me. Thanks, Mom.

Here is a quick photo retrospective of the days I was forever changed by motherhood:

1st time mom MP holding Nicholas, 1 hour old. Not bad after 26 hrs of labor, 3 hrs of pushing, and delivering a 9 lb, 1 oz child who was face-up and required the vacuum extractor. Cut me some slack, will ya?

2nd time mom MP holding Lauren, 30 min old. It's just as sweet the 2nd time around! Thankfully she arrived after only 6 hrs, but still face up, the little scamp. She tipped the scales at 8 lbs, 6 oz. Much easier all around. Still is.

Mama MP and her babies a year ago. Only the kids have aged, I swear!

Mothers Day wouldn't be complete without a nod to my own mother, shown here holding Nicholas on his birth day. I developed a new level of appreciation of my mom that day... Posted by Hello

Beautiful pics! Happy Mothers Day!
Love the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
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